Muira puama testosterone booster

What is Muira Puama?

Muira Puama (Ptychopetalum) is a genus of two species of flowering plants in the family Olacaceae, native to the Amazon rainforest. It is a small bush/tree that grows to a height of 5 meters and produces small, white, jasmine-scented flowers. The indigenous name for the genus is Muira Puama, 'potency wood', and is a small Brazilian tree that grows across the Amazon River basin. The root and stem are used for medicinal purposes. Other names include Potency Wood, Ptychopetalum olacoides, and Ptychopetalum uncinatum. 

Benefits of Muira Puama

The root and bark are used for a variety of ailments by indigenous peoples in the Rio Negro area of South America, and have become popular as herbal treatments for sexual dysfunction. Muira Puama has numerous benefits. It has been used to improve sexual function caused by psychological and physical disorders. It is also beneficial for menstrual cramps, PMS, and to treat mild cases of exhaustion. 

Muira Puama is effective for calming the nervous system, and promotes overall nerve function. It is used for treating gastrointestinal disorders as well as stress and trauma. Studies have also shown that it may improve mental focus and clarity.

Other suggested benefits of muira puama include treating depression, preventing memory loss and treating cancer. However these benefits have only been shown in animal and lab studies. It would be difficult to say if the same benefits would be found in humans.

The native peoples of the Amazon who use muira puama combine it with catuaba, allowing the mixture to stand in warm water overnight to make an amber medicinal infusion. Vendors of muira puama frequently cite two human trials in France, which reported that muira puama was effective in improving libido and treating erectile dysfunction. The first study involved 262 men who experienced lack of sexual desire and the inability to attain or maintain an erection. In this group, 62% of those with loss of libido reported that the extract of muira puama "had a dynamic effect," and 51% of those with erectile dysfunction felt that muira puama was beneficial. The second French study looked at potential psychological benefits of muira puama in 100 male volunteers. In this study, researchers concluded that muira puama could "enhance libido [in 85% of test group], increase the frequency of intercourse [in 100%] and improve the ability to maintain an erection [in 90%].The researchers concluded that there were significant improvements "in frequency of sexual desires, sexual intercourse, and sexual fantasies, as well as in satisfaction with sex life, intensity of sexual desires, excitement of fantasies, ability to reach orgasm, and intensity of orgasm."

Muira puama does have a stimulant effect that leaves the user with a general feeling of well-being when taken in proper doses. Large doses may cause an overstimulation leaving the user feeling restless and affecting sleep.

But the latter finding confirms that broadtonic action of muira puama on conditions of fatigue and stress relatedsexual dysfunction. Since muira puama is not an artificial stimulant, itfortifies the system over a period of time. Some men report increasedvitality within two weeks, while the full effects build over severalweeks.

Muira Puama increase testosterone

Muira Puama, when combined with a hormonally balance life style, has been shown to increase the natural levels of testosterone in the body. Muira puama have proprieties, which may cause anabolic side effects, such as increases in energy, aggression, or appetite, changes in voice, or enlargement of genitalia. Testosterone is important for men suffering from impotency or erectile dysfunction, and is also needed in bodybuilding because of the high amount used by the body during endurance activities.

After a couple of day on Muira Puama you can expect to feel:

Based on the clinical reports documenting the libido and energy enhancing effects of muira puama, it is possible that this herb induces these positive changes by favorably altering the hormone balance, i.e. increases free testosterone and/or suppresses excess estrogen.

Muira Puama for Bodybuilding

Muira Puama plays an important role in bodybuilding. When combined with other natural ingredients, it increases the levels of natural testosterone in the body which is important when performing stressful activities that require endurance, such as weight lifting. Testosterone is also responsible for building lean muscle mass.

The role Muira Puama plays in improving mental focus and clarity is also crucial, as bodybuilding requires an extreme ability to focus on performance. Its ability to treat exhaustion and promote healthy nervous system function is also beneficial in bodybuilding.

Muira Puama Supplement

Muira Puama supplements are beneficial for increasing libido and helping reduce the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. They are also commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders who need to increase their levels of testosterone, and want to do so naturally.

How to use it?

Keep in mind, this product needs to be cycled regularly, or the effects will wear off. If you take it too long, and build up a tolerance, it can take weeks for them to start working again. I recommend a cycle of 2 week on 1 week off.

The dosage should be around 5 gram per day. If you feel nothing after 4 day, increase the dosage. If you feel like every one is in your way and slowing you down ... reduce the dosage.

If you plan to cycle Muira Puama please don’t buy those small 90caps bottle sold by your favourite supplement company, search on Google or eBay for bulk Muira Puama powder and buy at least 1 lb. It will cost you between 6$ and 10$ + shipping...